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Chateau De La Grande Flassigne

Chateau De La Grande Flassigne

55600 Flassigny, France

The chateau is about 45 minutes and a world away from the hustle and bustle of Luxembourg.

 Listing Price: Sold
 7 Bedrooms
 5 1/2 Bathrooms

  • 3 buildings including a separate guest house with 2/1/kitchen/living
  • 2 Land Rover Defenders
  • 1 hectare or about 2.5 acres

Should you delight in blissful isolation, be in love discovering the historic area of France which once was border of the mother country and Spanish Netherlands, then hop on over. As we aren’t in the area of France that looks into the Mediterranean over a sea of tourists that fight over seats in restaurants, our prices are also far more civilized. This treasure is offered at 4.25M in US dollars and includes not one, but 2 Land Rovers (but you must however provide your own dog to sit “shotgun” when the car comes to collect you at the air field.)

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For more information on this property, contact Rex Hamilton at (305) 441-2828 or click HERE to contact us now.

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