Luxury Real Estate Services

The Rex Hamilton Corporation serves its clients with dynamism and focus in the acquisition and sale of real properties. The firm’s passion for excellence is evidenced by the many times the firm has established “highest price ever paid” for its sellers and by the fact that it continues into the second generations of families as both consultant and buyer’s broker. Simply stated, the firm acts as a broker in buying and selling homes, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, islands, and projects.

The firm is the exclusive representative of Leading Estates of the World for all of Miami-Dade County which includes the highest demographic neighborhoods of Florida. Leading Estates of the World is the only leading ultra luxury network which is “by invitation only” and membership can not be acquired without careful examination of historical records and interviews of both the clients and competitors of the firms. It is the platinum standard against which other brokerage networks are measured.

By using a boutique model for interaction with its clients, The Rex Hamilton Corporation takes the time to listen, reflect, and thoughtfully construct individualized plans to serve the differing needs of each market. Through the refined lens of 30 years of experience, the founder oversees the positioning of the product for sale with a keen sense of luxury branding. This mentality comes from direct experience in international marketing of a global services company and related interests in luxury retail brands.

The firm is legendary for its ability to pull together a wide variety of expertise to serve the individual needs of its clients from the beginning of the idea to acquire or sell through the closing and well beyond the first years of investment.

As Rex Hamilton has a nearly 30 year record of completed transactions for clients in Asia, North America, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, India, the Middle East, and Europe, his personal network of ultra high net worth clients is unmatched in Florida in terms of geographic distribution and total wealth of the international client base for an individual broker. This network of clients and their private bankers is critical in the efficient distribution of marketing information.

The Rex Hamilton Corporation has a track record of serving its global customers whenever they need real estate services. This has included countless cross border transactions and personalized service for the most discerning of customers. This can be a simple as buying a dozen apartments on Fisher Island for the family in Asia or as complex as orchestrating a client’s family move from Key Biscayne to Paris.